Neekaah. - Pop Singer/Songwriter
Working In The Studio


Hey friends, finally three new songs to share with you. Thanks for all the love, support, and
positive words while I was working in the studio.  Wishing you all the best.



OOOO awesome!!!
I love the song!

your voice is amazing!

your voice is fantastic.

sooo your song
came on my shuffle
the other day when
i was walking to
class..i got very
excited for you that
you're on my ipod
haha hope
everything's going
well for you! <3

Nice music, keep
doin your thing!!!

yeah i checked out
ur songs on itunes
and they r really good.
I think ur going
to be a big hit.

Have a good day
and keep up the
Sounds good!

i think your style is
great. keep it up!
--- Nicole

your music are absolutely
--- Alessandra

Love the new
song, sounds
great. Your a

would love to jam
with you, maybe
one day! Keep well
and keep up with the
great music :)

LOVE your voice!

by the way
i love your song!
take care <3


by the way I like
your style and music
--- Marc
Value Link Records Inc.

"Make U Smile"
is a cool tune!
Keep creating =)

the new songs sounds
great-i really dig it!!

Whats up Neekah!
Love your music
you have a great voice.

Neekaah, beautiful voice..
A great hug from Italy..

Song sounds great!
Best of luck!

Thanks for thinking of
me and sending that
song my way. It's the
perfect song for your
perfect voice. Inspiration!
I've got to write something
for you...
---Lyrics Lark

very nice tunes
by the way!!!!
All the best from Argentina,

Hope I'm gonna
see you live on
the stage, one
day!!!:) Warm
hugs and
best wishes...

Ohhh I love your
new song!!!!!!!

hey girl! i'm digging
the tunes. we should
def hit up a mic night

If you want,I can
make cover for
your new record!!!
Have a great time!!!

very good song
i love your voice
keep it up ;)

I heard your songs
on itunes, you are
so talented!

Great job!
You actually got
rare is that lol?

Keep up the good work.

like your new song.
"One More Day"
is definitely worth
one more play.
Keep up the good
work! Take care.

Let me know how
your music is going.
I would love to hear
what you're working
on. All the best.

Neekaah! Loving
the new song :)
Sounds good.
--- Javonne Nicole

I enjoyed listening
to My Old Friend. I
liked both your voice
and the music beat!
Best wishes from California,

Keep up the
great work!

Hey! Great Voice.
Luv the Guitar Chord

I just went and
listened on Itunes
and I must say ... I
was impressed!!!



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